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Free directory submission to free web directories where you can submit link free. Your free directories listing can increase your pagerank and may get traffic to your site from a free directory listing. Link submission to online directories is an important element in your link building and web site promotion campaign. Free link submit is available in most directories online. Simply search the category that best suits your website or blog and hit the submit link or add link button and submit your website details. Typically a URL and a valid email address is required. Sometimes when you submit to directories to get a free listing your sites title and meta tags will be automatically retrieved. Usually when using a free online directory you will have to manually submit if your link is free, ( sometimes takes a few weeks or months ) reciprocal ( link back usually has to be on a webpage in your site or the home page ) or paid website listing. Free directory submissions are in my opinion are a great option for promotion, building links and getting some free traffic.

Free Online Directory Submission

It is time consuming to manually enter all the information including urls, email address, meta description and keywords, captcha code, confirming site submission in emails and selecting the most appropriate deep link for your site or blog, however as the link directory administrator or webmaster approve your links over the following days, weeks or months, your submission to directories will be worthwhile as your pagerank and traffic increases.



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Directory Submission List 2013 Top 10

Free directory list provided by VMOptions. Continually updated list of the latest free directories.

Free directory list. List of 100s of free search engine friendly directories for you to submit your website to.

A strictly edited collection of SEO friendly directories ranked by age and metrics who offer a free submission option.

List of SEO Friendly Directories - Quality Directory List Updated Daily

This Web Directories list contains most if of the top Web Directories in the Web Directory industry. If you are looking for the top Web Directories to add your site this is one of the better lists to start with.

SEO Scorpio Free directory list is one of the most regularly updated free directory list on the internet

we have manually worked too hard to produce this free directory list from all over the world. Feel free to submit your site to these free and paid directories. we are also working manually on giving the type of submission, that is whether it is Free, Paid or reciprocal.

These Top Web Directories are rated by the Inbound Link Quality (ILQ) they have.

ChicagoIX Directory organized by category, offers content rich and well designed web sites. ChicagoIX is a free general website directory. Submit URL for editor review and have your site listed within the ChicagoIX Directory.

Free directory submission list of 9dir has all the quality directories to submit your website to for free.

Directory Critic : Directory lists and link building resources. Build backlinks to your website and increase your PR and search engine rankings.

Killer list of 40 FREE, SEO friendly, dofollow web directories - courtesy of MetaRocket SEO.




When your site or blog initially appears in directory listings, it will also appear in the new listings section of the free website directory. In a free submission directory paid or featured links will appear above free listings. Have different titles and descriptions for you directory submissions, about 5 to 10 alternative title and descriptions should be sufficient. Add your site for free and get directory listings free, this is an effective form of site promotion that will take some time but will not cost any money to promote your site or blog using the submit a website for free option. Sometimes free directories over time become popular and accept only paid links when their pagerank or traffic increases. I am sure you can think of a free web directory that fits this category. When looking at web directory categories I always check out the free website directories in the free directories list or results page. Once again I will look for the submit free link button in the deepest relevant category which I would like my site to be listed. In a free directory I try to look at the other websites and blogs listed and check the quality of the competition, and website listings in the website directory list. If it is too spammy with junk websites and blogs listed I usually will not submit website to directory as it is not a quality directory and will probably be offline within 12 months. Submitting a website to a directory with too many ads is also not a good idea, you do not want to promote a website in these types of directories. When advertising outweighs the content in a directory click the category link that says web directories free and move on to hopefully the next submit website directory. Quality free directory listings that offer free submit link are
on the internet and sometimes hard to find. Many up and coming web directories administrators or webmasters get frustrated with sites of low quality being submitted not meeting guidelines. Before you click submit link make sure your website or blog is up to standard, which includes links and navigation working and some decent content that is not scraped from some other website.
Typically directory submissions will not be accepted from some websites and blogs because of the content, this would include ;
� Adult sites or adult related content, pornography, vulgarity, escort and related.
� Casino, gambling, betting, bingo and related.
� Pharmacy, sites which supply prescription medications without requiring the customer to provide a prescription from his or her own personal physician.
� illegal sites containing copyright destruction, violence, fraud, child pornography, racism, vulgarity or warez.
� Sites that sell ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law.
� Sites containing broken links.
� Sites under construction.

Before you submit, make sure your website is online and functioning. ( no under construction pages) Some directories may require your e-mail confirmation for submission, so set up an alternative email address that you will use free submissions. Website submission in deep link directories is another great way to get relevant traffic to your web pages. Free listing sites that accept deep links will let you add web pages from your site and not just your homepage. This is a great way to promote your sites linked internal pages and allows you to specifically relate your listing to your pages content.

Website promotion in website directories can be just as effective as search engines in getting quality traffic to your site. Submission directories will accept listings from quality sites as long as they are submitted into the right category. Follow the guidelines, this saves everyone time and wont frustrate the webmaster or administrator responsible for approving your link.

If you intend to add your site free to website directories that are free. Take the time and list your site properly in the correct category, and ensure your details entered are correct and meet the requirements and guidelines of the free directory website. Submit directories can receive in excess of 100 - 1000 directory submissions a week. Obtaining a free website link may take some time, be patient.

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