Add Link Directory Submission - Link Directories List 3


 Add your link. Directory submission to categorized internet web directories. Free website links reviewed and added to directories.

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   Directory Submission List 3 ::. updated Nov 2011

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   Information about  your site is required. Domain URL, Title, Description,

    Keywords and Website category are standard requirements as well as

    a valid email address to verify your submission. Each directory will generally

    request a reciprocal link from your site, unless you pay for a featured link.

 Add Your Link Manually

 If it is really important for your site to get specific traffic from a category that

 already has many links, it may be worthwhile investing in paid links. Often

 your site as a directory sponsor will appear at the top of the selected category.

 Paid sponsored links are always prioritized to get a top listing and generally

 will receive more traffic than free or reciprocal links. it is always worthwhile

 considering links can be very cheap especially lifetime links. Free links also

 take time to process and paid links are generally approved quickly.

 Your link popularity rating is increased and search engines will look more

 favorably  about your website. I would still recommended if you decide to

 pay for links you still manually submit your website information. Using

 automatic directory submitters may seem quicker, however the results

 could be better from a lot of the well known software downloads. Take the

 extra time, manually submit your website url to directories, its worth it.