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 Add your site add URL to Burf, Acoon, Mardox, Beamed,  ExactSeek, Cipinet, Hophunt and many more major and popular online internet Search engines. Add your site quickly and easily to top internet searching engines. Get indexed & get more traffic.

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Cipinet        Search     Add URL

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Search the web with Cipinet search engine. Web search engine with its own crawler and database. Find precise and relevant results quickly and easily.

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A web searching engine that ranks pages by user votes using smilies.   Search   Add URL

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 Mardox            Search     Add URL

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HopHunt     Search    Add URL

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Exactseek      Search    Add URL

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Web Search Engine, featuring more than 500 million free, featured and paid inclusion site listings

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Searchengine   Search    Add URL

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How To Submit a Website URL to search engines and directories ::.

Why Manually Submit a website URL ? Most engines require some form of webmaster interaction when you submit a URL. Yes, believe it or not they want you to visit and submit quality websites that are of topical interest to internet searchers. It is Better to manually add / submit a website, providing specific information, rather than using a automatic URL Blast  submission program.

Typically you will have to enter your domain name, email address, a code and possibly other required fields such as name, category, country. A confirmation Email will be sent to you, asking you to confirm your standard website submission and always an incredible discounted offer for express inclusion or ppc programs. Specific niche keywords may be available for a small price.

If you want to add or submit your website, click on the the add url button or submit website link. To add your website URL enter your website details then click the submit website button. Your website will then be indexed and added to the database. Add URL buttons or Submit Website Link can be hard to find.

Set up a secondary email address you will submit with. You will need to read emails and reply to confirm conformation you would like your site listed. Some  engines and directories also send you interesting newsletters and special discount offers to get traffic. Other webmaster related topics or sites that may be of interest or beneficial to your sites popularity. Make sure you read the emails and respond if required, you may not get listed otherwise.

An Automatic URL Blast make seem quick and easy, Manual website URL submission is a lot better. Spending a little extra time is well worth the effort.

It may be an idea to include a reciprocal link on your site to engines and directories that are sending you traffic, searchers then have the option to continue searching via your web page. Ensure your site is not a dead end.

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