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Babieca          Search    Add my URL

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Search engine featuring a list of search engines. Babieca web search engine discovers the best web search results from the top search engines of the world wide web.
Find more on the web with Babieca. New search engines list: Video search engine, Job search engine, News search engine, Answers search engine, Files search engine ... Web Directory and many more!

Ebingbong    Search    Add my URL

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The mission of eBingBong® is to provide leadership in worldwide information accessibility, usability and reliability. As the amount of information increases in the worldwide web, users search the Internet to find fast and accurate results. We are dedicated to providing this service to the public. We are providing leading edge technology in organizing the worldwide web information.

Netsearch         Search      add url

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NetSearch Internet Search Engine. Net search for web pages and websites on the Internet quickly,  global website searching results.

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Cosmodex  Search      Add my URL

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The Search Engine That Rewards Users With Free Web Traffic. Cosmodex rewards members with free targeted web traffic. Simply submit your website, begin using our search engine, and get your free web traffic.

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Stopdog           Search    Add my URL

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Filtered Search Engines provided by the StopDog  provides kid safe Internet Access.

StopDog is believed to be the largest filtered search engine in America and was created in the late 1990's to spider websites for appropriate material. StopDog is used by millions around the world and logs as many as 350 queries per second. StopDog uses "DogBot" to crawl websites in search of inappropriate material.
StopDog was designed to be a Kid Safe, Family Safe, Filtered Searching Engine which grew popular among all users. Stopdog, which incorporates WikiPedia, DMOZ, major libraries, and it's own private database was once a directory second in size only to ODP and Yahoo.
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W8                  Search     Add my URL

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Your one stop for all your internet needs. w8.net Your gateway to the world-World 8. Featuring low cost websites to full domains, Co-location servers, FREE search engines, FREE banner exchanges, FREE classified advertising, DNS service

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Search-o-rama Search  Add my URL

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Search-o-rama.com is growing!  New servers, new database technology, new tools to help you search!


Our FREE service is used hundreds of times every month. Many webmasters and site owners have reported excellent results after using this service. We provide you with a quick and easy way to submit your URL to some of the most important directories and searching engines.  Start promoting your web site !

Why your website page submit to searching engines could not be indexed by the searching engine robot or spider!

 Top 10 good reasons

  • 1 >  Web page takes more than 30 seconds to load.
  • 2 >  Page is 'coming soon' or 'under construction'.
  • 3 >  Your website page was submitted under incorrect or irrelevant category, country, or postal code.
  • 4 >  Your web site page does not contain text (often because of the use of frames.)
  • 5 >  The web page contains pornographic, or illegal content, or content is not suitable for general audiences.
  • 6 >  Page contains plug-ins, pop-ups, alert boxes that annoy the auditors or jam up web crawlers.
  • 7 >  Your website page is non-graphical, text only, or only a forum for text communications.
  • 8 >  Your website page is not found or contains an error message.
  • 9 >  The website domain URL is for a page from a product catalogue, or a site map.
  • 10 > Pages from that specific domain name have been submitted too many times with low-quality web pages.
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